We understand that hotel amenity supplies are more than providing your guest with a bar, soap or a hanger. It’s the little things that matter. That toothpick, shampoo, shower gel or that towel available the moment your guest needs, makes all the difference. This is why we go the lengths to deliver your every requirement for the perfect guest experience.

With over 20 years of operating experiences, our professional project management capabilities continuously meet and exceed customer’s demands and service requirements. We aim at being the number one hotel amenities Singapore supplier.


Since 1983, we manufacture and supply high quality hotel guest room amenities and accessories including F&B and other products to high-end hotels, restaurants and airlines. In addition, we represent several leading quality brands in the hospitality industry. We have now grown into a global brand that helps hotels deliver consistent concepts across multiple countries. We have also partnered with the huge distributors of luxury branded amenities such as Bentley amenities to be one of the leading hotel amenities provider.

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Our own 5-storey 60,000 sq ft factory at Guangzhou, China is ISO 9001 certified. With over 500 highly trained and skilled workers, we consistently offer products of the highest quality and reliable delivery assurance. We have invested substantially and will continue to do so in the R&D division to improve on our existing amenities products and work with expert design and technical team to ensure only the best quality amenities are manufactured.

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • 60,000 sq ft factory
  • 500+ skilled workers

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hunwin strongly believe in creating positive impact to society and the environment.Like any business, hotels must hear their customers and listen to their desires and needs, whether it’s a service or amenities supplies. Be it corporate citizenship, healthy living or supporting those who need assistance, it is in our human nature to do good for others. Shared here are brief examples of Hunwin’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. Some of our CSR initiatives include:


Our selection of green hotel amenities in Singapore, give hotels the option of choosing between green, greener and greenest of all options. The most recent eco friendly amenities created is our non-refillable dispensers.

We aim to produce amenities in Singapore that are consisting of natural ingredients, eco-packaging and numerous environmental features. We have a good selection of eco green amenities to meet your environmental & budget goals


To professionally provide and delight customers with quality products and services commesurate with competitive pricing.


Hunwin protects and promotes the established reputation of its own brand by differentiating from competitors through superior quality.